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Ancient Retribution - Rebirth Of A Reoccuring Bug,


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Well, the title says it. The stupid Ancient Retribution bug struck me this time. Here is the story, cause I do not have a pic. Dang windows 8 and your weird photos!


Meh, well I always did mercury defence..like always. I was just leveling up my Mk1-Bo (Training with staffs, don't hate.) and well. When I saw the mod. I really wanted it due to the fact that I was tring to get a Anti-Infested set. When I tried to claim it, well. it litteraly just crashed my computer whole. Once I read the wikia on this, I realized that some new mod was tried to be put in with the Cyro. Front operation, it failed. This caused the holdback mod, Ancient Retribution, to go into effect. Whatever if this story is true or false, I saw the mod eye to eye. I also saw other fourms about this. Well..guess its time to quit defences for a while and start exterminations with stupid powerfists that 1 shot your face.



Welp, if I did get a snapshot I would post it but well, yeah. Computer froze as soon as I saw it. Like I said earlier, dang windows 8 and its weird photo-taking ways.

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