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Teammates Hud


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There's plenty of room on the right side of the screen. We have skills like Trinity's Energy vampire and items like "Team ammo restore" this extra info could be very useful.



Current HUD:






*Icon showing possible Status on teammates.

*Ammo (purple) Since his weapon uses sniper ammo.

*Energy (Yes please)

*And kubrow/sentinel status bar. 




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Energy would be really really useful. I either end up spamming Energy Vampire constantly or not using it when they need it, because I have no idea.


Don't really care about their sentinels/kubrows, they're not that important and I think that's a bit too much clutter and could be confusing. In the heat of the game, if I look across and see a low health bar and think a teammate is in trouble and then it was just their Carrier blowing up...

Maybe make it a separate setting if people want it, so I can turn it off.

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