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New Mission Type : The Cure /// Idea To Implement A New Fear Factor


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This new game mode features a mission, with a completely new tile set preferably, where Lotus send us, Warframes, to deliver a newly developed, highly-experimental cure for the infested condition but due

to the mutative qualities, the infested assimilate the cure, create a new inmune system against it

and become even more resilient, aggresive and destructive. Since the enemies are mutating, DE could add here the new types of infested they are planning on bringing on update 15. Also, a new infested creature

is created with a unique and particular power: A poison even greater than the Venomous Ancient that only damages health based on time and also slows the player. This debuff is permanent until the mission is completed.


The new type of infested can be recognized only by its distinctive screech. Because of this, the infected

are now able to eliminate the player more efficiently and they (the players) need to run away from

the infested ship/planet/colony. 


Regarding the new tile set, an obscure and creepy ambient where one can only depend on their flashlight would be ideal.


This would not only bring a new type of mission and a renewed sensation of fear  where the players have two choices: to succeed by escaping and surviving to fight another day or perish a horrible but quick death.


(Because let's face it, infested, currently, do not produce the fear factor that many players seek)



Original idea: Matz848 & Realtaco.

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Love the idea of some Missions where you can only use your flashlight, this would definitly be a great asset to Warframe!

Dont know about the cure part, it sounds kinda cool, but just the idea of making the infected really fearsome would be great!

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