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I started playing Warframe earlier in the year when I realized my laptop had a secondary graphics card that was quite robust, but took a little break when other games started calling my name. Plus I built a house so that was kind of a big deal. But, I'm back, and I can safely say I hit the ground running. I really like the new changes. I was playing before the ship was implemented as a home screen, and I'm impressed. I'm still trying to figure out where all the buttons are though.

Right now I'm sporting an Ember Prime frame that I just polarized (to my chagrin) and I'm leveling up Volt. So we'll see how that goes. Plus I'm trying to level up to rank 5 so I can build Sybaris.

So anyway, feel free to add me and send me a message. I'm happy to play or just chat. I'm pretty laid back most of the time and not overly competitive. I do have a mic... Somewhere. Since we moved in all the things are in places.

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