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"high" Difficulty Loadouts - Which Do You Prefer?



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My destoying Loadouts are(of course all is modded correctly for the faction)



Mirage/Oberon, Boltor Prime, Lex Prime, Glaive Prime



Mag Prime/Volt, any good alround primary, Marelok, Glaive Prime



Ember/- Prime, (Ignis or) good alround primary, Brakk, Dragon Nikana


Corrupted (mostly Void (Moblie) Defense)

Frost, Boltor Prime, Lex Prime, Glaive Prime



or for the quick guys:



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amprex (6f), quanta (6f) or latron wraith/prime (4f)


marelok (4f), i used to use angstrum (4f) on infested


amphis/scoliac - no forma, i only use melee for copter in high levels



nekros (3f), volt (3f) (shield wrecks with amprex), nyx (2f, only on def), zephyr (3f), booben (4f) on infested missions

i have to note on the frames, that loki is very good at high level, i just simply prefer these (also, a lot of my clanmates really love him, so i leave them his role)

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Great stuff guys.

Krump, would you mind showing your Amprex and Quanta builds? I love these weapons and have forma'd the Amprex 5 times and the Quanta 4 times. They are beasts!


of course!


i'm on my laptop now, so i only write what mods do i have (maybe i'll add pics later)



serration, split chamber, heavy caliber: 3 V polarities

vital sense, point strike: 2 more V

hammer shot

2 elemental mods, for faction, one of them needs a - polarity



i'm sorry, my build is actually 7 forma, not 6.

that is because i'm almost exclusively use cubes, and the laser only to shoot them. To have the most out of the cubes, i always add punch through mods, so the cube goes straight into the middle of the group, and doesn't get detonated by the impact - if i shoot them, they deal more damage.


polarities: 4 V, 3 -

serration, split chamber and heavy caliber: 3 V

metal auger: 1 -

3 elementals: 2 of them goes in a -

there is 1 V slot left, i usually put either a faction mod, or a dual stat event mod in it (there is no bane of corrupted mod, so i use malignant force to get even more corrosive, or viral if running with corrosive projection auras)


you can get away with only 6 forma, if you use shred instead of metal auger, but then you'll miss 1 or 2 mod points to build for max damage, so i think it's worth the forma


also, i've noticed that very few people use faction mods, because they seem to add very little damage. However, it multiplies the damage, not just adds to it, so it is better than a 4th elemental mod (but if you only have 3 slots, 3 elementals are better than 2 ele+a bane mod)


edit: looked at the size of my post, and edited spoilers in

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