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Deadzone Or Sumit Wierd Help,


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hi guys

aFter the update my controls felt alot better,but recently ive noticed my controls get realy heavy and hard to aim,to temp fix it i go to options and move the sensitivity slider,but them move it back,it makes my control nice and responsive..but not for long.

its not in my head,its terrible for aiming,

i was wondering is this a known problem?



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I had noticed the aiming get sluggish almost like a frame rate issue not so much a lag or settings issue however I did ultimately increase the aim sensitivity same as you over all that helped me in the end but I don't believe it ever moved itself back (maybe i'm reading that wrong). Trying to get the right sensitivity as DE doesn't give a accurate percentage or number value to the settings makes it kinda hard.


Its not just in your head bud, I don't know if its a common issue or if its a known bug but I did notice it also =/ on my side though its fixed. 


P.S. I think you missed the I 

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