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Suggestions To Possibly Improve Certain Warframe Abilities


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Hello again! A completely random idea struck me when doing the Gate Crash event and I decided to share it with the community!


The goal of this idea is to provide additional benefits to Warframe abilities that seem to be lacking in almost every situation, be it damage, crowd control or utility. Feel free to leave constructive critisicm on why the suggestions are good/bad instead of a reply saying something like "no" or "+1", since those honestly do not help at all to improve upon the idea.




Slash Dash: In it's current state, Slash Dash is used only for mobility past a certain point in enemy levels, since the damage is not worth the risk you take to valiantly dash into a enemy force and place a big "shoot me!" sign above your head as the enemies simply do not take enough damage to die, or at least bleed to death.


Suggestion to improve: Give Slash Dash an additional attack that activates if you press the ability button while you are dashing or when you just finish the dash (the window in which you can use the ability again is pretty small in this case). The attack itself is a 360 degree slash that deals additional damage to enemy units and causes an effect to every enemy struck. Some examples of possible effects are Defense decrease (Not like the corrosive proc. This effect makes the enemies take MORE damage instead of reducing their armor, which makes this effective for all factions), knockdown or guaranteed bleed proc.


Super Jump: Super Jump is only mobility, I know. And I am not suggesting to give it any damage at all! Instead, I suggest that it's mobility is further enhanced. 


Suggestion to improve: Instead of super jumping whenever you press the ability button, using the ability gives Excalibur a slight aura around his legs. The next jump or ability button press becomes the super jump instead (This allows players to instantly super jump if they double-click the ability button). However, if the ability button is pressed when you wallrun, Excalibur leaps from the current wall towards the location your crosshair is pointing at. If the jump button is still held when Excalibur comes into contact with another wall, he will automatically begin wallrunning again.




Rhino Charge: Rhino Charge is in the same place as Slash Dash, only that this ability knocks down everyone it comes in contact with. My suggestion however, is to integrate a old, forgotten ability into this. Anyone remember Radial Blast?


Suggestion to improve: As with Slash Dash, I am suggesting to add an additional attack into Rhino Charge with a second press of the ability button. When the button is pressed, Rhino will immediately stop all motion and slam the ground, knocking any enemy within range away like a ragdoll. Not much explanation is needed for this.


I will continue adding suggestions and ideas as I continue to come up with new additions to the less useful of the abilities.

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i don't like all of these gimmicky ideas to change or add more abilities to a frame, besides for the fact that the powers you want to change are completely fine in their current state, and yes when you are dashing at an enemy he wants to shoot you, but it's no different then any other situation in the game when an ENEMY wants to shoot YOU because you are his enemy, i know, shocking

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