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Weapon Trails When Not A Host?


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Ey guys, I'm sure this topic was brought up before somewhere in time, but I've tired searching for it and couldn't find it. Its like everyone forgot about it and decided to just ignore it. So, I figured to start this topic and see if the Devvys notice this post and can finally have a fix for this.

The non matching default blue weapon trails when not a host is a little throw off. Reminds me of the similar issue with the melee accessory energy color early U14 when not being able to change to your desired color and constantly being the default blue. I don't know how long this glitch has been going on for but I'm sure it's been since pre-U14. Btw, I don't discriminate the blue!!! I just would like my fancy green weapon trail to be active even when not a host. ;P

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope this gets noticed since it's a long forgotten issue.

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I havent played with Ash for a while. That sounds terrible lol. After releasing so many hotfixes, some things start to go wrong. I know weapon trails aren't crucial to what really needs fixing, but I wish it had the attention it needed. When not host, every player has a default blue stream and it takes it away from their customized character theme. If that guy is all in red, I would like to see his "energy" trail "red".

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