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Prime Parts & Arcane Helmets

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Arcane Helmets:


Avalon (Excal): 20p SOLD

Backdrafat (Ember): 20p

Chorus (Banshee): 20p

Gambit (Vauban): 20p

Gauss (Mag): 20p

Hemlockk (Saryn): 20p

Meridian (Trinity): 20p

Pheonix (Ember): 20p

Squall (Frost): 20p


Prime Parts:


Bronco Prime Barrel: 3p

Burston Prime Barrel: 10p

Dakra Prime Handle (2 Availble): 5p ea.

Dakra Prime Blade: 5p

Fang Prime Blade: 5p

Orthos Prime BluePrint: 5p

Paris Prime Grip: 3p

Paris Prime Lower Limb (2 Availble): 3p ea.

Sicarus Prime Reciever: 5p



In-game Right now for the next couple hours, pm me.

Edited by Doopliss.
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