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Selling Pretty Much Everything Little By Little

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Ill update thru edits as things sell, leave offers here or attempt contacts in game good times are 3pm~2am est 


Complete prime sets ready to be built all pieces included bp ect ~


Ember prime set 30p X Sold out ~

Dakra prime set  20p X Sold out ~

Latron prime set 15p

Reaper prime set 20p

bronco prime set 15p



Rank 1 Arrow mutation 10p

berserker                        5p

blind rage                     15p

brutal tide                     10p

coiling viper                  10p

constitution                   10p

flailing branch               15p

flow                                5p

fortitude                         5p

gleaming talon             15p

gnashing payara          25p

hammer shot               10p

intensify                        5p

iron phoenix                 10p

iron phoenix max         25p

narrow minded            15p

seeking force              10p

sundering strike           10p

tranquil cleave              15p

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