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Sir Ayoshi And The Void Table


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Here lies the RNGod of Frustration.


- Weapons -

- Melee-


x5 Blade: 7p

x2 Blueprint: 2p



x9 Ornament: 5p



Blade: 5p



x5 Disc: 2p



Blueprint: 2p

- Primary -


Blueprint: 2p



x3 Receiver: 3p

Stock: 2p



x4 Blueprint: 2p

x4 Stock: 3p



Blueprint: 3p

x6 Stock: 3p



x6 Barrel: 2p

x4 Blueprint: 1p

x3 Receiver: 3p



x4 Lower Limb: 2p

Upper Limb: 7p

- Secondary -


Blueprint: 3p



x2 Barrel: 3p


- Warframes -

- Ember -

x9 Chassis: 2p

Helmet: 4p


- Frost -

x3 Chassis: 4p

x2 Helmet: 4p

Systems: 5p


- Mag -

x4 Blueprint: 1p

x2 Chassis: 1p

Systems: 7p Out of stock


- Transactions -

Ryuji-kun 9/24/14 17:15 GMT -3

Mag Systems - 7p



I'm available mostly at night(GMT -3)

Edited by Ayoshi
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