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Looking For A Mature Casual Clan


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I'm relatively new to Warframe. I played during the beta but never got very far. I started playing again about a month ago and have been managing to fake my way up to Mastery Level 5. I have a handful of weapons to play with and just started working on my second frame (first is the Loki and second is the Rhino), though I don't look nearly so flashy as the other Tenno I tend to find with public matchmaking.


I'm interested in finding a group that has active participation in the late PST time zone. Because I have a wife, 2 lovely children and a job I tend to spend no more than a couple hours on at a time and those hour tend to fall between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. PST.


I'm also a veteran and refugee from EVE Online.

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