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[End] Nyx Prime Full Set[End]

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Just finished farming out the last pieces. Figured I would start an auction for it, since nobody really knows what the average price for it is. I am not going to have a buyout either I'll just let the 4 hours pass.



Auction will be ending at 9:30 pm PDT



Starting Bid : 75 plat



Have fun!




Guess I should of mentioned this, Only bid with platinum please.

(sorry Personwithhat :/) 

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buying it for 50 plat + 25 plat(mba bit more ) in items like primes, rare mods, etc.

(or maybe 55-60 plat i need to check how much i have tradable currently )

otherwise 1'st (and only bid )

lets see if i win  :3


edit: if you think that this is not-ok to buy it via other primes well i just might be able to buy some mroe plat, although i highly doubt it .or maybe sell some items.


edit2: watch like 10 people post in the last 1 minute of this auction XD


edit3: 200p? RIPmy offer XD

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