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Canceled Decoration Bug.


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In the dojo of my clan (The Templars) there're some bushes and statues that just won't disappear after i canceled them.
This bug is probably caused be the change in of warlords the first warlord who placed the decoration was kicked because of inactivity and after that i became warlord and tired to remove the never finish decoration because they where in a place where no one comes or they just didn't fit in the environment and now there are yellow bushes  that just won't go away


some screensshots : 


the yellow bushes : https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-bpKzfCUWiqo/VCJfBiifcDI/AAAAAAAAAgE/81pwWhN8Ou4/w1280-h720-no/2014-09-24_00002.jpg


can't cancel them because they are already caneled earlier by me :



If you have some questions or want some more screenshots just ask.

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