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Map Navigation During Gate Crash Event


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So how did you all enjoy the Gate Crash Event?  Wasn't the rewards in the Caches great?  Yea, I wanted to farm it more but then I realized why I didn't enjoy it.


Map Navigation


This event showed how, i guess, boring and/or how much I didn't want to do it because navigating the rooms gave me a headache.  Why?  Because not only is it difficult to explain to my friends on voice where I am and who I was but there's no way of knowing what has already been explored (at the bare minimum what my Warframe discovered).  It felt like a waste of time because I'm still "mid game" with about 3 more planets to unlock and wanting to get into Nightmare and the void more.


At the bare minimum I'd like to see a better map system that provides easier navigation in the forms of more clearly displaying undiscovered points (not cache locations but new "rooms"), player names (above their head through Warframe player camera and on the map), Direction (N,S,E,W), and enhanced features in the minimap such as disabling rotation, more clearly identifying the direction of your camera, and more clearly identifying the objective as above or below you.  This would be a tremendous quality of life change in this game.


Maybe some (1?) of these features exist, but having them all not present makes me feel like warframe is a sub par 2013-2014 game that DE should have higher on the priority list.

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+1 to OP


Navigation and the minimap could definitely use an overhaul.


Would love to have a better representation of where people are on the map (especially when toggling to the larger map overview), as well as an option to not auto-rotate the map (or at least add some kind of compass in). It would really make the whole experience better.


Waypoints [pressing G] only goes so far, and if there are more 'egg hunt' type events (or even missions) which I think are fun for the rewards earned, then a few minimap changes would go a long way. 


At the least, I would like to see just an option to disable auto minimap rotation.

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Psycho1848 beated me to it, yes you can turn off map rotation in Options.  I have that off myself to get better sense of location, like you said, N.S.E.W., but there is drawback to it -- it makes everyday navigation more difficult, especially when markers on the mini map teleport around when you're at certain point (another stupid thing in Warframe's mini map navigation), because when you turn map rotation off, you have to rely on something that looks almost like an isometric triangle, to discern where it's pointing, which is also where your character is looking to follow the marker, which is harder than using user's camera to follow.


I have thought about written a suggestion to add cone of vision to the triangle to make it easier to know where it's facing, or simply, replace the triangle with "Ʌ", and use user's camera to rotate it instead of your character is facing when turning map rotation off.

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