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Issues With New Update


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Don't get me wrong.. I absolutely love this game even though its obviously still a work in progress.. And yes i know this game will probably change up every now and again.. but I'm having some issues with the newest update....


in the foundry description text is covering components... 

Mods are just a mess now... How do i tell that I've got that mod equipped? how do i tell rarity (I'm colour blind)?

When fusing mods, you are unable to see what effect has taken place during/after fusion (eg. reflex guard starts at 5% auto parry chance.. but with new update i can't see what % is before i confirm fusion)


It probably is a better design than before and i just need to use it more to be more used to it.. but I'm sure theres some things that could be tweaked a little to provide less confusing interface


Probably some more issues.. but i can't think of them off the top of my head...



EDIT: after writing this post i was invited to a game, i tried to accept but it said the party was full.. however, the invite didn't go away.. so i kept trying to accept/decline until eventually i gave up, tried to go to the nav panel but as i was exiting the menu it sort of glitched out and showed me inside the liset out of the menu... but it was as if i was still in the menu.. i was able to access chat when i shouldn't have been able to.. however i couldn't move or do anything aside from be in that weird state so i reset.. everything is fine now..

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After posting several tickets I am still having a huge problem of I am prompted with a once every match 15 minute counter to an auto update. This has seriously rustled my jimmies. Because I have

1. No Alerts

2. No Events

3. No payout from the Alerts my friends pack me to

4. No hard earned Latron Wraith I wasted revives on

5. No news.

Its getting to the point that this went from favorite game to a huge annoyance and at first I didn't regret at all whatsoever buying all this platinum but I was having this update before the patch and I was simply prompted after every game. Now I cannot play it at all with anyone. Or start missions because I need a mystery update that never comes when I restart 100's of times. I have to be toted by my clan whom are all getting SERIOUSLY TIRED of it.

Please Devs for my sake help me insight anything I love this game and I would love to be able to play it.

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