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Warframe Concept- Toxica


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This all starts with a cataclysmic event, Luna has become infested! Lotus sends the Tenno to the moon to figure out how this has happened. Upon arrival there is another tenno wait, but one in a warframe never seen before. It looks like it is made of a mass of infested tissue. Before they can ask the Warframe lets out a horrifying roar and disappears. This will open a new planet for exploration as well as give a new place to get gallium (which has become very hard to get).



The Toxica warframe is a infested based warframe that can destroy enemies from the inside out.


Health: 200

shields: 100

armor: 125

energy: 175

movement speed: 1.25

stamina: 100



Roar [25 energy, 100 damage, 10s duration, 25square meters  range]:

Toxica emits a high-pitched roar that stuns enemies, damaging those in close range.


Toxic cloud [50 energy, 75 damage per sec, 30s duration, 25m range]:

Toxica dashes forward releasing a cloud similar to the mutalist osprey. This does direct damage, poisoning those caught in the range of the cloud.


Poison Barbs [75 energy, 300 damage + 150 damage per sec, 20s duration, 50m duration]:

Toxica fires a cluster of poison tipped barbs forward, damaging the target and doing additional damage via poison.


Toxic swamp [125 energy, 200 damage per sec, 35s duration, 30 square meter range]:

Toxica lays down a field of pure poison. Any enemy caught in the swamp is stuck and receives continuous damage for the duration. Works well with Vauban's Vortex.



Hailing from the Orokin Derelicts, the Toxica has spent years in the heart of infested territory. Upon emerging from hiding, it released a powerful strain of the technocyte virus, one powerful enough to infect a planet! To right the wrongs, the Tenno must fight and destroy the source, and save the system.


Role: Toxica acts as the chipper in combat, slowly killing the enemy. Can be used for offense or defense, but excels at assassination and survival.

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