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Capture Mission Target Non-Interactable


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There are moments in the game when items cannot be picked and just lie there teasing you.

But when you cannot 'use' a downed capture target, as it doesn't show any promt 'Press x to capture', and 'use' button does nothing, it's just a timy bit more frustrating.

So what did I have today:

1) Solo capture mission on Jupiter (Corpus);

2) Normal item picking, normal capture of the first target;

3) Downing second target with surrounding group of enemies by slam attack, with my Helios firing its deconstructor on them at the same time;

4) Target lies there twitching and cursing, like he usually does, targeting him shows 'Corpus Target [11]' with empty health. Cannot be collected, shooting or attacking him in any way changes nothing;

5) Enemies drop two mods in the same room, which also cannot be picked by walking over them;

6) Some lockers around the target emit non-pickable items, credits and nav coords,  that just lie there. Other lockers behave properly;

7) I ran around the tileset for a while, killing some enemies and collecting loot. Then returned to downed target: nothing changed.

At the end I didn't even abort the mission: I was close to arctic eximus when game became extremely laggy, and eventually froze on the frame with heavy motion blur. Ended process with Task Manager (application was not responding).

Screenshots of non-interactable items and target: http://share.pho.to/7IGtd
Also my current speedtest results (to not blame my ISP): http://www.speedtest.net/result/3789701132.png

P.S. I know that we are still at the beta stage, so it's reasonable to have some irregularities. Just reporting a problem. Also found some thread on multiple bugs, including this, but it's few months old, so instead of necroing it I decided to start another.

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