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Developers, I don't know how and what magic you are using to make "grinding" game fun, but you have succeeded. I want to thank you for such an awesome and fun experience! I'm coming from the game (don't want to say the name) which was supposed to be about guilds and wars, but it became an endless grind and monotonic boring world, but thats another story. What I want to say is that I've played almost all MMOs (except for FPS) and can say without any doubts that nowadays you are on my top 3 list of all time and  #1 of the last 2 years. I wish you all the best and thanks for being so fun and awesome. Keep up the good work!



I'm not playing this game for too long, but I'm sure there is a massive work to be done to make Warframe shine in all of its glory, but I'm also sure that you are constantly working towards new content and also will give granted love to all "broken" things and bugs reported and found by you and your community. This is my Feedback.


                                                                                                         Sincerely, satisfied Tenno

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