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T4 Survival Bugged 5 Minutes In And Booted Everyone, Then Game Crash


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i will try to describe this in as most perfect details i can remember.
i started a t4 survival, and one of my people didnt make it in (common) i just reinvited him back in, and it was fine. so after that happened, everything was normal till about 2:50 mark. i started getting spammed this error message. cant remember the number, but it started 100. we could still talk, but it quickly scrolled up in a wall of error message. we all seemed to have it. at the five minute mark, we got a core pack i believe. next thing i know, the error message stopped, and everyone was kicked from my game. i tried to open the menu and reinvite, in vain hopes i know, and i was then locked into the text screen. pressing enter didnt close it. i then promptly died. but i got a bleed out timer. the text screen was still opened. my game then promptly closed completely, and it didnt offer me a chance to send an error report or anything. logged back on, and i have none of the cores i picked up during the mission (used this as a means to see if i got anything from it), my key was gone, and the players i played with were not in my recent played players list.
i dont want anything back, except maybe the key. i just wanted to make you aware of this, incase it happens to anyone else (which based on my quick scan it hasnt). im running a dual core windows 7 laptop wit a 64 based system, if that helps any

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