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Daily Login Rewards And Formula Which Could Work


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as it is now a topic, and I like to make things complicated and mathimaticly.

first of all, daily login rewards should be awarded after you played at least 1 match that day. just login in to get a reward is kinda... idk I don't thing DE_steve gets payed to just attend work, I think he also has to do something for it no?


We can devide the daily login rewards in 4 groups

Common, uncommon, rare and legendary.


The common ones exist only of affinity rewards, which is based on the days you are logged in (to the nearest lower prime numbers (1,2,3,5,7,11,13, etc) (1000*n^2)/4 which means you will be rewarded more the longer you log in daily.


Uncommon could extist of BP's, market BP's to be more exact (and the ones that now only can be awarded with daily rewards) which is based on what you didn't have yet in your Foundry or already have build in your inventory

 Yes you can have everything already in your inventory. which means you need something new right? Why not some rare components for free? Jup I said it! you can also gain components in the Uncommon pool.

Rare components = round(n/n-1)x the min. ammount it can be found on the planets

Common and uncommon nx the min. ammount it can be found on the planets

both with a max n of 14

Rare will be the discounts (25, 50 procent) and the forma BP nothing more nothing less


Legendary will be 75% discount, catalist and reactor


Every day you have 100% chance of getting a daily reward, but how are the above devided? 

55% common

28& uncommon

15% rare

2% legendary


Suggestions? things you would add? or things we can figure out together? comment downward!

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