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Pure Challenge Clan Legion Of Ashes Now Recruiting


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Clan description: Legion of Ashes is a clan or group of people that revolve around the sole idea of the grind/teamwork to accomplish insanely challenging tasks. By that I mean that this clan builds itself from the ashes using solely gameplay. Aside from the starting 50 platinum no platinum is allowed whatsoever to contribute towards any growth of the Dojo or clan as a whole. This of course is to set us apart from the rest of the clans and to give a clear challenge to overcome hopefully by the teamwork and the sheer amount of time/effort and ability to be resourceful of the clan members.


Status: Currently the Dojo only has the starting room and a trade station and me and two other members are the only current members at the time being. 


Ranks/Ranking System: Currently in planning and open for discussion on anyone who thinks to have good idea's. Although its already been decided that any players that own any sort of Warframes/Weapons/Mods or anything not vanity that was bought with platinum may not obtain some of the high ranks in the clan.


Requirements: As stated above this is meant to challenge any and all players who join by severely limiting and/or completely removing the shortcuts that platinum allows. So this clan is only for those who seek the thrill of being a part of the construction of a massive and beautiful Dojo/clan entirely built on effort and teamwork rather then money. That being said any new players can join if they agree to these terms and seem up to the task.


If anyone is interested please feel free to reply below or message me in-game @ "LuciferAsh". I look forward to meeting any new members.


WARNING/REMINDER: This clan may not be for casual players considering the entire idea may or may not hold some of us back until major breakthroughs of Dojo progression occurs. 

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