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Hellion Blades Open Recruitment!


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Hellion Blades is a shadow clan! currently have 12 members, and recruiting anyone regardless of rank! 


We have a website and an External Chat Client (RaidCall) if you want to use them. Hoping to fill our clans ranks as soon as possible with players both young and old with the intention of helping every player reach their goals. Higher Ranked Players will be granted additional ranks in the clan on the get go based on your current player rank. Additional rank-ups in clan will be based on performance and your willingness to help your fellow members.


Our dojo is still under construction, but mostly complete with tenno research in progress. It has a trading post and vault, dueling room, and a pretty straight forward layout. Teleport Pads are a work in progress. Any member who join and can help, make yourselves known in chat. contributions to the clan dojo are taken into consideration when granting ranks.

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