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Xbox One Fps Problems


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Hey everyone, look, i've been experiencing a low frame rate for some time, and, i finally managed to find a video on upload that could show it.


this video was uploaded by me playing as valkyr, you will see that from nothing, my frame rate started to drop to 10-20 fps, and when the skill finished it gone down to 0-5 fps because of the special effects.





i hope we get an answer soon, because this is really annoying and frustrating


Thanks for your attention!

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I just had a similar thing happen to me.  This will be a mini-rant and a complaint at the same.  So, I just decided to take it off of Public and do Apollodorus Solo to see if I can finally make it to 15.  I saw my screen flash right after I deactivated life support and then the enemies started spawning.  Keep in mind this is about 15 seconds after they start spawning.  I immediately drop to 20 or lower frames.  While I was fighting Stalker, I saw this thing... a picture they call it.  The same one for about 3 seconds straight and no more than 5 frames at a time.  I somehow got him down to about 70% health with just an Akzani.  Anyways, the frames are even worse than they were before it came out all of a sudden.


DE, I know you are trying to do as much as you can, but this needs to be fixed as fast as humanly possible.  

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Same here, very low frame rates then it just locks up.

After about 30 sec - 60 sec of locking up it some times comes good again.

Most times ending in a crash.

I turned off bloom and motion blur but it still happens.

70% of my lock up/crash are on Jupiter.

Dosnt matter if I have been on the xbox for an hour or 3 hours, its just random.

Hope the info helps.

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