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Clan Rising Stars Is Now Recruting


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Hi those who will join my clan. I built this clan in hopes of helping others who might be interested in being in a small clan. I dont plan on going to far above ghost clan status do to increase in research cost. I have all research labs built and currently am in the process of completing all research items im just missing afew key resources. My clan will be a mature rated clan so if you want to use what some consider bad language be my guest but i do not tollorate being mean or herrassing others. This clan will a be clan to help others who might be in need of assistance such as farming for resources or mods as well as helping unlock planets and nodes for others. We will also help find and gather all bp in the void. those new to Warframe are welcome as well as old. Almost all of the research is done just need to start on obstacle course room and duel room. If anyone has any questions please pm me in game or post somthing here and i will do my best to answer

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