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Valor© Official Clan Thread°

(XBOX)Legend of lsaac

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• Clan History

          Valor was founded by "Legend of Isaac" on September 2nd 2014. It started out small with a few friends I met on Warframe. We didn't have that much experience at first. The clan growth was small, the expansion of the dojo was slow, and it wasn't really getting anywhere. Until we began buying platinum and advertising our clan to the public. "Our clan dojo sky-rocketed through the roof!" Our clan increased in size 150%. We obtained many contributions (which we are very greatful for) over the days.


Clan Information.


Clan Dojo

     - 3 floors

     - All research labs

     - Trading post & Treasurer on each floor

     - Solar rails

The dojo is complete. All rooms created! (except for mountain and moon barracks due to resource cost)


Clan info

     - Ranks have been modified

     - 30+ Members

     - Active players

     - Participates in events

     - Vetran players


• Clan requirements

     - Microphone preferred (optional)

     - Communicates via clan chat

     - Mastery rank 2

     - Daily login

     - Contributions to clan dojo


How to join...

          To join Valor you must 1.) Exceed clan requirements 2.) Message "Legend of Isaac" or "TX x Boogie 214" via XB1. (You may also post in the forum if you are considering to join) 3.) Left current clan and able to accept clan invite on a moments notice.


If you have any questions feel free to PM "Legend of Isaac" or " TX x Boogie 214"


~ Together we shall rule WARFRAME!   

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VALOR Clan is another valuable member of the RSOC Alliance. This guy is always on and from what I hear loves to help out his clan members. Hit them up to become part of the biggest individual community in the game through alliance, as well as one of the best groups of tight-knit players. 




                of Lock n Load Clan.

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