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Nyx Absorb Eats My Glaive


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When ever I use my Glaive so it will hit the vicinity of Nyx's Absorb, the Absorb will eat my Glaive and I will not be able to use it for the rrest of the game, that means that I am unable to use melee, throw it, slide attack(to copter)


Falling down doesnt fix it, or getting knocked down, or getting downed(dying state) I didn't test reviving, I just dont have intent to waste my revives every time Nyx desides to eat my glaive.


I use Glaive to deal damage to myself so I can... Do my tricks. it really hurts my gameplay to not being able to use it.


When using Necros it pretty much drains my whole supply of energy for rest of the game or death (because im unable to pick health orbs with eguilibrium)


On Trinity I cannot use it to hit the 2 health tick utilizing Quick Thinking for 99.99% damage reduction.


For Oberon I cant use it for reckoning infinite damage combo,

1. Reckoning.

2. Hit self with toxic glaive.

3. Pick health orb for 27 energy.

4. Repeat.


And the most important, I can't "Zoren Copter" to increase my mobility.

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glaive being eaten by absorb does seem to be a problem..  the others...  Seem like  well.  somethign that will get patched out.   The glaive exploding if it hits something at an odd angle is awesome.  yet using it to damage yourself to get semi god mode going..  yah...  hope that gets fixed real soon   ^--^

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Post bugs in separate threads, even more so as these ones aren't really related!

This is 1 bug in one thread tho.


Edit: To add, the examples below are examples how the inability to hit myself with glaive ruins my gameplay experience. They are not bugs.

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