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Void Survival Changes


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I currently find Void survivals to be one of the more annoying places to get prime parts from and I put most of the blame on how the rotation system currently works. Parts in rotation A occur twice at 5 and 10 mins and typically have the more common parts in their drop tables. Rotation B is at 15 mins and then every 20 mins thereafter (35,55, etc..), which makes it faster just to end it at 15 and start a new key to get the part you want from that rotation. Rotation C is every 20 mins and is where more rare parts are located.


Most of my time spent in Void Survivals is trying to get a hold of the rotation C drops and a few rotation B drops. The Rotation A drops on the other hand are sitting in my inventory in massive quantities because of how common the drops are and how often rotation A pops up in a survival.


What I propose to fix the current issues that I have with Void survival is to make the tables similar to how Void Defense works. What I mean by this is to make 5-10 mins Table 1, 15 mins Table 2 and 20+ mins table 3. With this set up, tables 1 and 2 would not repeat at all during a given survival, while Table 3 would repeat itself every 5 mins after the 20 minute mark. This would give everyone more chances at the rare parts, which are a lot harder to come by and take a large investment of time to acquire. Take Survival 1 for example, it has both the Scindo Prime Handle and the Loki Prime Chassis in rotation C, but what ends up happening most of the time is a Burston, Latron, or Paris part pop up instead. After 1 of those less desirable parts pops up at the 20 minute mark, you then have to wait an additional 20 minutes for another chance at the Scindo or Loki part. I cant even name the amount of T1 survivals I've gone through in an attempt to acquire these 2 parts.


The hunt for primes in survival has made me more than a little burnt out on the game mode, while I've had nothing but success getting parts from any of the tiers of Void Defense. Please let me know what you think of the changes I've proposed down below or any ideas you have that could make farming for Prime parts in Survival a little more bearable.

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