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Best Place To Level Up Unpotatoed Vulkar



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Just going into the highest dark sector defense you can handle. Preferably ones you see that have active squads for you to join. Get carried basically.


Also, you don't need to kill stuff with the weapon to get experience for it. Just use a strong secondary weapon you have and it'll level up just fine. I have weapons on my profile that I've leveled to 30 and only have 2 kills on them.

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I have a 2 Forma'd Quanta for levelling gear. Dark Sector defence at first(predictable enemies) then survival. the weapon is so OP I can take a full level 0 loadout and not only get everything to 5 in just a couple of runs, but not be touched once. oh, and that's not running any mod capacity boosting stances for level 0 frames.


imo having an OP weapon that grants immortality has created a broken levelling mechanic, but hey, I'm not complaining.

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