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Wtb Scindo P Blade, Selling Mods, Prime Sets And Parts

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WTB: Scindo p blade






2p for [sunder weave, Swiriling tiger, Shimmering blight, Clashing forest, Pathogen round, Stormbringer, Gemini cross]


5P for [Vital sense, Fired up,  Master thief,  Handspring, natural talent, Flow, intensify, Iron Phoenix, Coiling viper]


8p for [brutal tide, Seismic palm,  Hell's chamber, contagious spread, Enemy radar, Rejuvenation, Barrel Diffusion ]


10P for [blaze]


15p for [Energy sipon, Shield disruption, Dead eye, Sprint boost Nerrow minded, Berserker, Falling branch, Tranquil cleave , Malicious raptor]


20P for [Firestorm, Hammer shot]


45p for [Crimson Dervish, Gleaming talon]


Prime set:


Bolror p set: 50p

Latron p Set: 15p

Reaper p set: 10p

Ember p set: 25p

Mag p set: 20p


Prime parts:


Loki p chassis(25p);Akbronco p Link(20p); Boltor p barrel, Stock ;Orthos p Blade;  Latron p All parts; Reaper All parts; Sicarus all parts; Ankyros p gauntlet, Frost p Bp, system, helmet; hino p Chassis(15P), system; Wyrm p BP




3 Vay hek keys:16p (Each key 7p) 

6 ODA keys:16p (Each key 3p) 


Arcane Essence Helmet :180p

Arcane Swindle helmet :150p

(Essence+Swindle :300P)


Arcane Esprit helmet:120p


IGN: Plasmafisher



ps: if you need something but I'm not in game, please PM on forums

Edited by Plasmafisher
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