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Random Ui/screen Resizing


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I wasn't sure if this would go here, but seemed like the best fit.


Basically, upon alt+tabbing or sometimes just opening the game itself (through the launcher, etc...) causes my game to resize itself to larger than my screen.


I run the game at a low resolution than my desktop (1280X760 I believe) and my desktop is 1920Xsomethingorother.  It also causes my mouse to act oddly, in that the screen shows one picture of where menus or buttons would be to interact with, but they only show a mouse over reaction about 20-40 (just a guess here, but in that range) pixels to the right and down.  No idea how this is happening, and only started recently with the new patch.


Additionally, my second monitor goes black (shows nothing but black pixels) once warframe is open, where as prior to this patch, it worked as intended.


the game UI and resolution revert (usually) back to normal options I had chosen when I restart the game.


any feedback here helps.

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I may be having a similar problem I use a res lower than my screen res for performance reasons but since the last patch the res is fixed to maximum and my screen size is tiny, no matter what I do the res stays at max and this causes performance issues with my system  and I cant play the game with humongous black borders and a tiny screen as the performance is still crap, I've tried every combination in the game menus to try to get the res to change but nothing works it just changes the size of the screen not the resolution in it and that's no good for me

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