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[Ic] The Light That Sears Me [Invite Only]


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I awaken to  a light that blinds and binds,

a light that conveys its signs through our minds,

it permeates the hearts and souls of our time,

a light so bright that I cannot fight,

it burns like the resolve of those who dare enter,

a light which tears me yet holds me together,

and while it rips me apart,

like the grasp of a mother,

I am absolutely sure that I would rather,

stay in this plight than scurry and fight,

an enemy unknown, one we are not shown,

who stops at no thing, and make the children sing

--praises for those those who dare ,

stand in their path with a cape and a mantle,

set upon their shoulders as we go into battle,

one cannot wonder whether they would ever be rattled...


My skin sears and my mind burns,

as I am twisted and I am turned,

I am torn and then reborn,

and sent on to learn,

that duty is false and I will soon be known,

as the man who stands with a blade in his hand,

and a part of my faith shall be the part that they turn,

a part of my soul shall be the part that is burnt,

and the hate that flows through me, is definitely not nearly,

as painful as the sight of blood of my fallen enemies,

my brothers and my fair maiden's emissaries...


There was once i was told,

that in order to be the best that i could be, beat the rest and let them see,

I had to be my very own worst memory,

of the Shadow of the Blades in the torn Valley,

and the reason we will one day be sublime,

and burn out and stop and stare and then drop,

to our knees once again,

as our worlds burn and our hearts yearn for rain,

to see if theres more behind that last door,

the one in another path,

that escaped from their unquenched, unparalleled wrath ..


But we shall wait and we shall see,

for a reaper approaches,

a guardian of sorts, 

in the end though,

these are no ones thoughts


But mine, as I am seared, and the light that sears me, is the light that guides me...


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