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Viewing Mission Progress From Extraction Negates Mission?


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Been playing for about a month and just wanted to report a bug that set me back a mod today. I was doing Cambria, Earth survival mission with my boyfriend, having just set up my unranked Banshee warframe, and since I was falling down a few times, I rushed to extraction after we hit 10 minutes. I made it there first and looked up the VIEW MISSION PROGRESS menu to see if I got any of the resources I was really looking for.

I was still in the menu when he made it to extraction, and as the ship was pulling away my menu window moved away with the ship and shrank along with it as it flew off into the distance of the screen. I don't know if that is what it's normally supposed to do when that window is open at extraction? Anyway, when I got back to my ship, my mission recap window said "MISSION FAILED" above it. Confusing, since I managed to survive, but I looked through the rewards and saw that I ranked Banshee up a couple times and got a few blue mods, one being new to me; a melee mod (improves damage while channeling) which I was pretty stoked about.

After I closed the recap window I went straight to my arsenal, and realized that it said I was still rank 0, and had gotten no XP for my warframe or my weapons. As I'm usually inclined when the game glitches, I exited and restarted, but when I got back in I was still rank 0. I searched through my mods, and the mod I was stated to have received on mission recap window is nowhere to be found.

Nothing else seemed amiss before or during the mission, so it would be my guess that being in the View Mission Progress window on extraction might be what glitched things somehow, seemingly negating the entire mission and striking it from my Warframe history. :S

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My guess is that if you're in the menu while you extract, the game will read it as a mission abort.  Only difference with a mission abort and extraction in this case would be that mission abort is leaving the mission via menu and extraction is leaving the mission via gameplay, if that makes sense.  I'm sure DE is working on a fix for this if the problem was that the game is reading it as leaving through menu.


And as for the increase damage while channeling, it could be Killing Blow.  Not a rare mod, just might take some time before you can get one.

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