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✮ Duet's Delicacies : Sales And Trades! ✮

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I'm looking forward to selling the following Prime parts as well as mods. Below the list would be another... list, of stuff I'm interested and willing to trade for using the available parts I have provided reasonable.

Feel free to PM me in-game (IGN: Duet) or on the forums if interested!

Sales list:

1) Prime weapon parts:

Ankyros P BP -- 4P

Bo P BP -- 5p
Bo P Ornaments -- 4p

Boar P Receiver -- 5p

Boltor P Barrel -- 5p
Boltor P Receiver -- 7p

Braton P BP -- 5p
Braton P Stock -- 5p

Bronco P BP -- 5p

Burston P Barrel -- 4p
Burston P Stock -- 4p

Fang P BP -- 5p

Hikou P Stars -- 6p

Latron P BP -- 3p
Latron P Barrel -- 4p
Latron P Stock -- 3p

Lex P Barrel -- 7p
Lex P Receiver -- 7p

Paris P Grip -- 5p
Paris P Lower Limb -- 4p

Reaper BP -- 4p
Reaper Handle -- 4p

Sicarus P Barrel -- 4p

2) Prime Frame Parts:

Frost P Chassis -- 7p
Frost P Helmet -- 7p

Loki P BP -- 9p

Mag P BP -- 5p
Mag P Chassis -- 5p

Rhino P Systems -- 4p

3) Rare mods, Auras, Stances:
Aura mods
Dead eye -- 6p
Steel charge -- 8p
Rejuvenation -- 8p
Enemy Radar -- 6p
Energy Siphon -- 12p
Pistol Scavenger -- 5p
Rifle Scavenger -- 5p
Shotgun Scavenger -- 5p
Sniper Scavenger -- 5p
Speed Holster -- 7p

Stance mods
Clashing Forest -- 5p
Gemini Cross -- 5p
Burning Wasp -- 5p
Homing Fang -- 7p
Reaping Spiral -- 5p
Coiling Viper -- 10p
Sundering Weave -- 7p
Swirling Tiger -- 8p
Fracturing Wind -- 3p
Iron Phoenix -- 10p

Frame mods
Intensify -- 9p
Reflex Guard -- 7p
Equilibrium -- 5p
Fortitude -- 7p
Natural Talent -- 12p
Streamline -- 8p
Stretch -- 7p

Primary mods
Bane of Corpus -- 10p
Bane of Infested -- 10p
Cleanse Infested -- 5p
Malignant Force -- 7p
Shred -- 12p
Thunderbolt -- 9p
Firestorm -- 9p
Toxic Barrage -- 7p
Vital Sense -- 8p
Metal Auger -- 9p
Seeking Force -- 9p

Secondary mods
Expel Corpus -- 7p
Expel Infested -- 7p
Pistol Pestillence -- 7p

Melee mods
Energy Channel -- 6p
Power Throw -- 9p
Smite Corpus -- 7p
Smite Grineer -- 7p
Smite Infested -- 7p
Virulent Scourge -- 7p
Heavy Trauma -- 10p
Sundering Strike -- 9p

Sentinel mods
Coolant Leak -- 15p
Fired up -- 9p
Spare parts -- 5p
Guardian -- 15p


Aaaaand that's about it for the stuff I'd like to sell / trade away!
The following would be the list of things I would be interested in:



Stalking Fan


Burdened Magazine

Tainted Shell



Due to my lack of urgency for these items, I'd prefer accepting only cheap prices if you offer me in plat. Barter trade offers would be evaluated by myself personally to compare value. In other words, please make a reasonable trade offer if interested in the parts! :)

Thanks for browsing, have a nice day Tennos!

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