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Tevinter Imperium Is Accepting Applicants.


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Tevinter Imperium is now technically a Shadow Clan, but I will post this information here as well since our current members total less than 10.


Clan Colors are Red and Gold, we do not require that all members wear these color only or always, but during clan operations these are expected to be the primary colors of your Tenno Warframe.


We also expect that members will play well together and to lend assistance when able to newer and lesser members.


Officers will be appointed based on merits and contribution.



All Members have the rights:


To Host the Dojo

Contribute to Technology

Trade among members free of tax




All Officers will have the additional Rights:


To recruit new members

To have an exclusive garden of their choice in the Dojo to decorate



For any additional questions please message me in game, here in the forum or PM here on the website.

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