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Whats Standard Time For Dev To Check Ticket And Info Pls...?


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hey guys

i reported a problem the other day,can someone tell me the norm for a response please?

whatever is wrong,its getting worse,,i though with the included pics in my ticket i would have had a fix or at least a response by now!

i apreciate there busy bees but this is a game breaker for me,im forced to use other frames ,grrrr

today i tried to mod my dog and i was greeted with that wierd place mod card i snap shotted and sent in with my ticket,it totaly screwed my arsenal,now i cant mod anything,restarted twice,yada yada,

so now,i cant use loki without being punished,and cant mod stuff on sentinel or koob.im sure im being trolled by the red writer,well i will expose them if it doesnt stop.I KNOW WHO YOU ARE,.

i took more pics today,but basicly its the 99mod card i sent in my ticket,

any help or info appreciated,

i would have waited until i was contacted if it hadnt done this crappy thing today,i hope im gonna get my boosters back..lol,yeh right.

thanks for your time

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