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Quality Of Life Improvements For Chat And Mods.


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Hello every fellow Tenno forumgoers and whichever you call yourself.


I have two suggestions for improvements of the User Interface, let's go over them, shall we?


Firstly: For the chat tabs, i would like to have an option to display all chat tabs all at once, rather than having to click the arrows to switch between them. This would allow me to have more of an overview of the active tabs and see which people sent me messages, and more quickly click on them to reply. As it is now, arrows will just flash and i'll have to haphazardly scramble through the tabs in hopes of finding the person.


Second: When fusing mods and such, i would greatly appreciate it if any number keys pressed (be they numpad or number keys), it would select the numbers for how many mods you would like to fuse. Such as when selecting a stack of say... 20 mods to fuse into another, if i pressed 1 and 5, it would select 15 of these, without forcing me to click and select in order to type in numbers. This would remove a LOT of busywork when spending a lot of duplicates.

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