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Forma Messed Up My Soma De

(XBOX)Terra x Aqua

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so i sen a ticket in  almost 2 weeks   they respond but messed it up  


my weapons needs 5-v's and a dash


when they tried to fix it they removed a v i needed  but didnt fix the one that glitched, i been waiting for almost 2 weeks, for a simple fix


what is going on


please fix it


5vs and a dash, please add the 2 v's



when i forma my soma   it glitched it didnt add nothing in there so i reset and still noting and i reported this 2 weeks ago

you tried to fix it but you didnt need to take out a v

you just needed to add the v that glitched



please add the 2 vs    sense you took the one out that i needed without fixing the one that glitched



so my soma should have 5 v's and a dash on it,,,

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