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Game Freeze Vs Corpus


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I've been running across a random game freeze when playing in Corpus missions with MAG. I even tried to get a video of the area saved in the most recent episode. The last episode was when climbing the set of stairs that spiral around the pouring lava ( I think it was Mars?). I had just reached a small landing in the middle of one stretch of stairs when the game seemed to catch, and then stutter, and finally stopped in mid-step. This has happened a number of times, and so far the only thing that I have been able to do is wait for the game to work through whatever the problem is. The times vary from 2-3 minutes to nearly 10 minutes of frozen screen before it suddenly starts working again. I have linked up with another player and it has happened while we were playing, but it did not affect him (he was invited to my game). While I was locked up the game simply removed him from the squad and he kept playing. Hopefully this is helpful as I'm still really new to the game.

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