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Someone At De, Please Change The Steam Cache Copy Of Warframe To Be Just The Launcher Please


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Installing Warframe on a new computer, and I copied over my existing fully update to date copy of steam Warframe to the new computer, but now, Steam is now "updating" Warframe to a previous version from god knows when.  And when that is done 'updating' I'll have to download the whole thing again from the DE servers so I'm back up to the latest version.


So, could someone at DE please, if you're not going to keep the copy of Warframe on steam up to date, make the files that steam downloads from their serves be just enough to get the launcher working and just download the files from your servers.  It would save me, and all new users, a whole lot of time and download bandwidth.


Thank you!

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This would actually be a really nice change to make actually, cant imagine its too difficult to do either. Admittedly it still leaves the issue of people validating through stream and i guess in this case possibly completely wiping the directory. Not sure theres anything that can be done about that unless they keep up with updates though.

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Well, with how I've seen other MMO games on steam do it recently, you just download one exe file from the steam cache.  Then that exe launcher is enough to download the latest launcher that then downloads the whole game.


If you validate though steam, and the launcher get backdated, when you launch again, it would then download the latest launcher and everything will still be up to date again.  Or you could make a separate launcher on steam, which could be the normal/old launcher with a separate name and that downloads the whole thing (with the regular launcher filename).  


Of course you cannot validate the whole game though steam and only the launcher, but that is how every other MMO game works on steam as well.  Either way would be a lot better than downloading the whole old version of the game just to have to download the whole thing all over again.

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I am casting Shadow of the Dead on this thread since apparently it is still very relevant. I have the unpleasantness of having to redownload the whole outdated client from Steam since I lost the launcher after reformatting my PC. Luckily I keep a backup of the data files so that part of the pain is covered.


It is an absolutely ridiculous thing for two main reasons -


1) some of us in some parts of the world are still on internet connection from the 2000's and downloading 14-16GB worth of data costs a lot of time - days even [eg. a large part of Asia]

2) some of us are subjected to data cap or pay-per-use charges and this redundancy is unnecessarily incurring extra monetary cost. [eg. Australia]


What CatPhoenix suggested above is more or less the best way to go about it. There is no question of files getting wiped when doing Steam validation since it is only done on files downloaded from Steam - which in this case would the the launcher. As a matter of fact it is a far better solution since there would be no risk of data files downloaded from launcher getting overwritten with older versions from Steam and borking the game as is the case now.

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