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Change a weapon's skin and color options with cash cosmetics


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One thing that i've seen being implemented in a MMO game known as guild wars 2 that i completely loved was the freedom given in order to customize your character up, and still having the same weapon stats for it, i'm talking about changing a weapon's skin. Now what i have in mind wouldn't really work for warframes, those would need some sort of logos, extras designs or other things for then. Now getting on to the weapons:

Basically, the idea would be that you just found this sword, wich you think looks incredibly kickass, but it's a low level sword and later down the line you'll want to upgrade it but still love it's design more than the high level ones. My idea would be for the cash shop to include a item wich you can use to take this weapon's skin and pass it onto the high level sword. Same would apply for guns, but it would have to restrain itself to shotgun can only get other shotgun skins, rifles get other rifles and etc.

And to add to that, maybe a weapon color change as well, i personally would love to customize the color of some of my weapons, and probably add some decals on then.

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