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Wts Events Mods // Max Vitality/redirection


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Name/Price/Stock:                               Description:

Thermite Rounds:200p (2 left)            (60%fire dmg // 60% status for rifles)  (event mod)


Scorch: 150p (2 left)                           (60%fire dmg // 60%status for pistols)   (event mod)


Scattering Inferno:75p (1 left)             (60%fire dmg // 60% status for shotguns)  (event mod)


Shell Shock:100p (1 left)                    (60% electrical dmg // 60% status for shotguns)    (event mod)


Max Redirection:150p (1 left)             (440% increase Shields Points for warframes)


Max Vitality:150p(1 left)                     (440% increase Health Points for warframes)

Edited by Tito.
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