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Grineer And Corpus Equivalents To The Void.


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When a player completes the solar system, they are most likely to play either void or orokin derelict missions. These are both fun, but they effectively remove the Corpus and Grineer from the late game, because the highest leveled Grineer area, the shipyards on Ceres, are easily played by lvl 30 equipment with basic modding. The really challenging (and rewarding) content is missing from Grineer and Corpus areas. So, to compensate, we could implement two more key-based regions, one for the Grineer, and one for the Corpus. It's been made clear that the Grineer are cetralized in the asteroid belt, with Ceres as their industrial capital, while their military backbone is in Saturn, and their war effort is focused on reclaiming Earth and Phobos. So, it is not a stretch, considering Ceres' location, that they control the asteroid belt. By creating the asteroid belt as a region, you can not only give a permanent home to the Asteroid Base tileset, but you can give the Grineer a competitively high leveled area. This also allows for the drop tables to be spread thinner, making RNG drastically less painful. Keys could be crafted like OD keys, but the easiest solution would be to have them drop as completion rewards for Grineer missions. Since the Corpus are centered around Neptune, with their industry spread over Jupiter and Venus, and a strong presence in the outer solar system, it is also not a stretch to imagine they control the Oort cloud. Primordial material out there would be extremely attractive to the Corpus, as it would contain vast deposits of deuterium and h3, both very valuable fuel sources, and rare earth metals. There is no existing tileset, so that would need to be created, but it would give a home for the corpus in the late game, as well as once again making the RNG much more accessible. Likewise to the Grineer Asteroid Belt, the Corpus Oort Cloud keys could be rewarded for completing Corpus missions. Both of these locations would also be very cool to see interpreted into the archwing. There's been talk of a sort of freeroam in space, and what better place to put it in the Asteroid Belt or Oort Cloud, where interesting game play locations can be randomly generated easily, and give an easy pretense for the player. Thoughts? I really like this idea.

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