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[Resonance] Open Recruitment


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- Open invitation to any Warframe player interested in becoming a part of an elite group of skilled players.

- Must be active to maximize clan potential.

- Mic not required, but preferred so as to promote friendliness and cohesion amongst the group.


Clan Details


- Resonance is focused on high level performance as a tight-knit group.

- We are not interested in expanding to more than is required to achieve our goals. (We will never be a mountain or moon clan)

- We have an expansive, fully functioning dojo with all research labs currently engaged in multiple projects.




Resonance is part of The Order, which holds the spot for the top alliance in Warframe, currently. We own seven dark sectors, and are engaged in taking our eighth. Our alliance boasts thousands of members, with several clans at mountain status. Our alliance chat tab contains more players than region chat, making trades and pick-up groups more easily accessible.


Post here or message me on Live for an invite or more information.


TheWitness213 (Warlord)

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