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*Event Mods*


Maxed) Tethra's Doom Mods Set [700P] - (Electric + Status)


Maxed) Breeding Grounds Mods Set [300P] - (Fire + Status)


Maxed) Cryotic Front Mods Set [200P] - (Ice + Status)



*Arcane Helmets*


Trinity - Aura [65P]


Frost - Aurora [45P]


Banshee - Chorus [45P], Reverb [45P]


Mag - Coil [65P]


Vauban - Esprit [45P]


Loki - Essence [65P]


Saryn - Hemlock [45P]


Ember - Phoenix [45P]


Ash - Scorpion [45P]


Volt - Storm [45P]


Rhino - VanGuard [150P], Thrak [45P]



Contact me in game if you interested.

I'll be on all day!

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