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Looking For Usual Squadmates


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Hi Mate, I play Warframe every night. I started playing in July this year and I have about 500 hours of game play. Most of my warframes are level 30 and I'm trying to complete my mastery 13 test. keep falling of the platform after shooting the damn Grineer.

Don't think I'm some sort of warframe expert, I'm not but I do enjoying playing warframe. I still have trouble killing some of the bosses.

I have a fully up and working dojo if you need to join a clan, the bonus of a clan is you get some weapons that you cant buy of make. I'm a mature player with a headset and I like to laugh and joke and I love the game. so if you want to try a couple of games with me, give us a shout. Most of my other mates started to play Destiny which is ok but its not warframe. So I'm looking to start new friendship playing warframe. 

catch you later.


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