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Please Add A Standalone Roll(Dodge) Control Option


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I've been trying to map my PS4 scheme closely to my PC controls, allowing me to be the acrobatic ninja I want to be. However I have one serious issue, I can't map the Roll(Dodge) action to its own separate key. For some this combination on L1 works decently, but while shooting I like to Dodge a lot. I've wanted to do a scheme such as this:

Crouch,Slide: L1

Roll: O

Context Action: Up D-Pad

But like I said, this is impossible with all three actions mashed on one button and I can't dodge while aiming, unless I use my middle finger to aim and index to tap L1, which is really uncomfortable .

Now All I am asking is to have an additional mapping control that is Just Roll by itself. I'm not saying completely detach it from the current action because a lot of people like that.

But if this were to happen then I think anothetr optional mapping of just Crouch,Slide should be available.

Just to make it clear, Roll,Crouch,Slide should STAY but just add in Roll and Crouch,Slide as two more control options. I would love to see this implemented in the future.

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