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☆ We Are Recruiting Active Clans Of Any Size To The Alliance ☆


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We are looking to build an alliance of like minded clans and gain a mutual benefits from our stronger numbers.

Our aims are simple; play rails, have boat loads of fun, win rail maps - repeat! :-) Clan size does not matter for joining..

Joining the alliance are simple:

Contribute towards building solar rails and the most important is of course to have lots of fun!.

  • We are recruiting ACTIVE clans.
  • Be friendly and respectful to fellow alliance members. Basically be real, treat everyone with respect, have fun, trade, have fun, or discuss whatever you wish in the alliance tab. just keep it friendly and fun.
  • Active members,while we do not require certain numbers or clan tier,it would be nice if those within your clan are active.
  • If your clan does have a Orokin lab that's great!!But it is not a requirement for joining. Just generally help out in the clan wars and play the rails.
  • Appoint a contact person, (or your self as warlord) within your clan for easier communication..
  • Just have some awesome fun with us!

We can offer truck loads of already finished solar rails that are just waiting to get deployed.  Join us in the fight against the evil empires out there!


Sign up in the thread with your clan name and we add you  or PM Montyzooma or Kaniero in game.

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You can find more about us as a clan (Evil Monkeys, we are a storm tier clan) at our website or facebook, if you for example just want to see who we are OR if you are looking to join a good clan too..: Our website: http://evilmonkeys.boards.net  and  facebook: https://www.facebook.com/evilmonkeysclan :-)



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