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Got what I wanted, thanks very much :)


Ello :3!


Here you can check the specifications:

  • It needs to be bulky. Height/gender doesn't matter.
  • Merle pattern -only-.
  • Race: Anything but Sahasa.
  • Colors: A combination of at least TWO of the following:


    I can consider if it have this color too (dark purple, pic from a palette):



Price I'll pay: Nice combinations may go up to 200p. A triple of two of those colors and dark purple will get over 200p. A triple from the first colors showed will get a better price.


You can talk here or by pm. In game it'll be hard to find me (mostly because of the recent log in bug).


Thank you!



EDIT: To make this more clear, I'll show you an example of what I want (showing pattern/body build/colors):



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