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Wts/wtt/wtb Prime Parts, Mods And Stances

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Greetings Tenno, I want to sell or trade some Mods and Parts. If you interested leave a post, PM here in the Forum or /w me ingame.

I offer:

Prime Parts:


- Frost Prime BP
- Frost Prime Helmet BP
- Frost Prime Chassis
- Frost Prime Systems BP
- Mag Prime BP
- Mag Prime Chassis BP
- Ember Prime Helmet BP
- Ember Prime Chassis BP
- Ember Prime Systems BP
- Rhino Prime Helmet BP


- Boar Prime BP
- Boar Prime Receiver
- Boar Prime Barrel
- Boar Prime Stock
- Boltor Prime Stock
- Braton Prime BP
- Braton Prime Barrel
- Braton Prime Stock
- Burston Prime Receiver
- Burston Prime Stock
- Latron Prime BP
- Latron Prime Barrel
- Latron Prime Receiver
- Latron Prime Stock
- Paris Prime BP
- Paris Prime Lower Limb
- Paris Prime String
- Paris Prime Grip
- Paris Prime Upper Limb


- AKBronco BP
- AkBronco Link
-Bronco Prime BP
- Bronco Prime Barrel BP
- Sicarus Prime BP
- Sicarus Prime Barrel


- Ankyros Prime BP
- Ankyros Prime Blade
- Bo Prime BP
- Bo Prime Ornament
- Dakra Prime BP
- Dakra Prime Handle
- Fang Prime Blade
- Glaive Prime Blade
- Reaper Prime BP
- Reaper Handle
- Reaper Blade
- Orthos Prime BP
- Orthos Prime Handle
- Orthos Prime Blade



Ammo Mutation:

- Rifle
- Arrow
- Shotgun
- Sniper
- Pistol

Aura Mods:

- Rifle AMP
- Enemy Radar
- Physique
- Sprint Boost
- Speed Holster
- Energy Siphon
- Corrosive Projection
- Dead Eye
- Infested Impedance
- Pistol Scavenger
- Rejuvenation
- Sniper Scavenger


- Equilbrium
- Flow
- Retribution
- Undying Will
- Split Chamber
- Hell's Chamber
- Barrel Diffusion
- Shield Flux
- Berserker
- Melee Channel
- Power Throw
- Rage

Nightmare Mods:

- Constitution
- Fortitude
- Vigor
- Blaze
- Stunning Speed
- Ice Storm
- Lethal Torrent
- Accelerated Blast
- Wildfire
- Hammershot

Corrupted Mods:

- Tainted Clip
- Corrupt Charge
- Spoiled Strike
- Fleeting Expertise
- Blind Rage


- Coolent Leak
- Fired Up
- Self Destruct
- Spare Parts


- Sundering Weave
- Fracturing Wind
- Seismic Palm
- Crossing Snakes
- Reaping Spiral
- Burning Wasp
- Clashing Forest
- Decisive Judgement
- Swirling Tiger
- Coiling Viper
- Eleventh Storm
- Iron Phoenix
- Crimson Dervish
- Gleaming Talon
- Tranquil Cleave
- Gemini Cross

I need:

nothing now

I only accept these Items for a Trade, so if you want to trade then please only with these Items. If you want to sell them, PM your price. Sometimes i do 3:1 trades, depends what you want.

Thank you

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I'm interested in a lot of things.


how much for frost prime helmet, hammershot, split chamber steel charge, fleeting expertise, narrow minded, rage and blind rage?

everything, 70p ( frost p helmet 5p, hammershot 15p and the rest 10p - 10p discount) add me in-game



If you still need the Nyx Helmet, would you be willing to trade your Loki Chassis?

sure, add me in-game

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